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Havok Ragdoll Physics - HD Videos

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Hey Guys,

Here are some videos of the Havok ragdoll physics I've coded into the game in the last week or so.

Gravity is still a work in progress - I think it needs to be increased. I'll take care of that. Other parts of the engine have recently received a refactor / facelift so some things are rough around the egdes.

I've tried for a few years to get some good looking ragdolls - up until this point I think the best ragdolls I've had were in my game 'Gang War' using Newton Dynamics physics engine circa 2006. The recently written ragdoll code is replacing some Havok based ragdolls - but they didn't properly blend the current animation state of the visual model with the physics representation for a smooth transition. I also use triangluar shapes for the rigid body representation of each limb - the shapes are defined via 3D model so it's easy to tweak the ragdolls.

This new system supports up to 32 dynamic ragdolls at once - with no more than 1024 units on the battlefield this should be sufficient ( since ragdolls are a client side effect that doesn't affect the gameplay / character controllers / etc ). I'm pretty happy with how they turned out - though the effects will be much more realistic once I go through and add pre-limb bullet detection and apply an impulse to the limb in question. Another feature of this new ragdoll code is ability for breakable limbs - simply not creating a constraint will detach the limb from the ragdoll with no other changes needed.

Video links:
Video #1 -

Video #2 -

Video #3 -

Here are the screenshots:

- Dan
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Very cool! Are you actually using the breakable limbs, that is, will you have mutilation in your game?

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Yes, at the very least I'm going to make them fully gibbable. It gets kind of tricky doing the mutilation - because you have to close off the holes at the end of each limb. Obviously creating a custum 'mutilated mesh' for each model could work...hmmmm.

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