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Edit: With the new site, I've gone back and figured out how to embed the video. Yay me!

So I took another break. And then I showed what I had to a friend who has a hobbyist interest, and his enthusiasm (eventually) encouraged me to resume work on the game. So over the last couple days I got player movement sorted out:


After Christmas maybe I'll spring for a Fraps registration so I can record more than thirty seconds' worth of video at a time.

You may notice there's a bug in the pellet graphics on a couple of the sides. They're billboarded sprites, and I think the shader is ignoring one axis when aligning them to the camera. So on the top and bottom sides, they seem to wink out. I need to take another look at that.
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Then I suppose this is good news!
I have to admit I wasn't completely sold on your game initially, but now I see it moving I have to say it already looks quite slick. Waiting for the pills to disappear.
Don't "break" too long!

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Thank you all for your encouragement. It's a real motivator to see it on YouTube, and another to find that other people seem to like it, too. And apparently, it's enough to convince some of the undecided! (Thanks for the compliment, Krohm. It is slick in my head; I just need to get what I imagine into the code...)

I have one more week to work on this, and then I'll be away for a week for the holidays. I'm more a creature of habit than I like to admit, so I'm hoping that that week away won't turn into another protracted coding absence.

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