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Newsletter #73 - Potion Chucking

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The latest demo of SAO: Redux is version 28.3. If you are interested in trying SAO: Redux as it is being developed, feel free to stop on by the online chat and ask for the latest demo.

Changes since version 24:
-WASD can now be used to walk/crawl/fly around.
-Numpad 0 can be used to jump.
-Numpad 1 can be used to equip/unequip a potion.
-You can now punch by left-clicking.
-The stuck-drinking bug should be fixed.
-An equipped potion can be thrown by right-clicking. Hold down the right mouse button to aim.

From the Programmer
Written by Invisible

This week I added punching and potion chucking, although the latter still needs some work. I also spent some time refactoring the code.

Rather than having the state integration and rendering code in the same class, I've split them into separate classes. This is a step in the right direction for supporting multiple CPU cores, although there would likely be little if any gain with the current setup. Currently, the state would need to be locked every time it needs to be rendered. This would effectively eliminate any gains from multithreading. When I start to seriously consider supporting multiple cores, I will need to find a way of fixing this.

I have spent the past couple days researching other collision detection methods. They would (in theory) allow sloped ground. However, it's unlikely that I will use these methods in SAO: Redux, due to time constraints; I don't want to work with experimental code if I can avoid it. They will probably appear in future projects though, most notably Merki.

Artist's Easel
Drawn by GreyKnight

iScribble Sketches #31

(Click to enlarge)

(Click to enlarge)

Community Spotlight
Written by jaythemage


If you have anything you would like to say in the next community spotlight article, please post it here.

Funny Quote of the Week
From the online chat

sambi is going 2 chores
sambi: brb
InvisibleMan: Finally!
Acaceol: Lol at the three above lines
InvisibleMan: I just finished proving algebraically that physics problem
InvisibleMan: And yeah, now that I look, that wasn't the best time to shout that :|
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