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Wow it has been a while

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Hello everyone it has been another long while since I posted been so busy. Work and School seems to occupy my life and what little spare time I have had I use to play COD Black Ops on my PS3.

School is going great I am acing my classes so far. I must say I never expected going to school online to be so much more difficult then going right to a campus and classroom. The main reason I am going online is because I really have no choice with my job and what schools offer around here. It really takes a lot of time and dedication to stay on track when going to school online. There are no reminders you need to make sure everything is planned and organized when it comes to your time and that helps avoid the procrastination bug that people tend to have.

On another note as of late I have been learning the workings of the android framework. I have never done any sort of embedded development before so this is new territory for me when it comes to game development. So not only have I had to learn the layout of the phones architecture but I also have to brush up a bit on my Java. While doing this I have been watching some of Googles I/O videos about best practices for embedded android development to avoid some common architecture performances issues for when I start my project. From the looks of it to build a solid Android app you really need to watch what you do because so many things we take for granted doing desktop development are really expensive in performance cost when you toss it on a 1 ghz ARM processor.

That is all for now I will keep posted on the project process as I move further into development.
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