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Presenting... Click The Yellow Rhombus(tm)!

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Feel free to check out the new game I'm writing:

And now the explanation, for those of you not named John Hattan or Ron Penton:

At the 2003 GDC, a few of us were sitting in the Premier Press booth, talking about games. Ron was blathering on about... something or other... and generally being kind of a poop, and I stated firmly that I could make a stupid game called "Click the Yellow Rhombus", and it would be fun. (I think my point was that games don't have to be complicated or something of the sort.)

So, almost two years later, I finally made it. Yeah, it's a little ugly at the moment, but it'll get better.

How to play "Click The Yellow Rhombus":(is this REALLY necessary?)
To start, click "Play".
The four numbers on the side(from top to bottom) are Hits, Misses, Score, and Time Left.
Click the Yellow Zombie Rhombuses (Rhombii?) and earn 10 points.
Click the Black Square and lose 15 points.
Game ends after 60 seconds.
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So... what's the object of the game? ooo.. tell me there are zombies!!! yay zombies! [wink]

and in Flash, no less. Rock on TANSTAAFL!!

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Man, if I had to write a game every time turnip-truck-boy started prattling on about something that he knows nothing about, I'd never get anything done.

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