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It has been some days...

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since my last entry into my journal. There are several reasons for this : The first one being that I was on the road the last couple of days for my company, the second that I was quite tired due to the hours I made for work; third that I was busy the last two days working on the TBS engine.

And finally I have decided today that I need a laptop and went out to buy one : an Acer Aspire 1660. Nice machine with 512 MB DDR ram, an Intel P4 2.8 ghz processor and an Ati mobility radeon 9700. I also bit into the sour apple (as we use to say in germany) and bought an wifi access point and a wireless lan card for the laptop (both by US Robotics).

As I said, I've been working on the TBS engine the last two dsys and I run into a problem which doesn't seem to be fixable so easily :

I have an entity manager class which holds templates and entities. Both are stored into so called categories. An entity called "bomber plane" might be in the category "units", an "energy provider" might be in the category "buildings". The problem is that the entities might change the category, if the user of the TBS engine wants them to change. Imagine a template for an underground which is stored in the category "underground_winter" and when inserted into the entity manager (undergrounds are some kind of light-weight entities mirroring only some specific parameter) they become "underground". Now, when I save the content of the entity manager into a file, I'll have to save the category where the entity comes from. This is to enable the entity manager to only save the parameter that have changed in relation to a template that has been used to create the entity. The above mentioned problem of category changement doesn't allow to use a template to recreate an entity that has been saved to a savegame. I think, after almost 2 days of thinking, that there might be some entities that don't store the category where they came from but the entire parameter list. It would be easy to recognize those entities.

I'm also working on a new series of articles that might find it's way onto the gamedev.net pages. There has been a request for articles in the forum about the creation of an engine from ground up closely tied to everything that is underneath such as the math behind the 3D engine, plug-in management, etc. Since I already have a complete working engine that does everything that has been requested by the people in the forum, I've suggested that I write the series starting with the math chapter. That's where the laptop comes handy because I can write the articles when sitting with my wife in front of the TV ;)
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