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Happy New Year everyone

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I wish every reader of a Happy New Year and success in your life.

Hopefully everyone has survived the New Year's Eve. I've spent the evening with my family. My mother in law came by and we played Monopoly until 2 a.m.

The last couple of weeks were quite... well... in between stressful and calm. I've signed with a German company for a software maintenance contract. And 3 other contracts are in the works: 1 contract with another German company to work on their middleware software, and 2 contracts for web games (1 private owned company web game and 2-3 facebook games).

So all in all the year seems to start fine.

But... what have I done and achieved last year?

- Bought a second house
- Done A LOT of works in that house (spend a lot of money on that; most expensive year I ever had).
- Started working with Unity
- Created a multiplayer game prototype
- Started working on Insane Robots
- Finished a contract work for a company in Switzerland.

And what is in for next year?

- Sign the remaining 3 contracts :)
- Finish those contracts
- Finish Insane Robots
- Take a look at UDK (the multiplayer game prototype needs a good dedicated/master server structure and hopefully UDK provides that).
- Finish the renovation works in my office upstairs (in January)
- Chop down ~100 trees on my estate (some of them almost fell on the neighbors house)

That already quite some stuff to do...

So... have a nice year!
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