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Entry #6.02*10^23 #2

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Guess what? There's another new program for you to download and play with! Since the wanton destruction of my computer, (and my entire codebase) I've decided to rebuild my self esteem with stupid useless projects before I start tackling big stuff again.

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What a wonderful program. By the way, I'm only hearing some FFX song. I think it's FFX at least. Oh well, I like it. I also have only visited your journal twice since you got the randomizer. So maybe I'm just lucky.

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Don't fix it. I like this song. It makes me want to go play FFX again. I never actually beat the game. I got to the very last boss and decided I wanted to finish the monster arena before I beat the game, but the monster arena bored me when I had like 4 creations left to beat (they're so hard) and I never finished the game.

Now I want to go start the whole game over. Since you know, my life is empty since I beat Tales of Symphonia.
/me starts to cry all over again.

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The last boss is easy; just cast reflect on the part that heals itself, and your good. God I love that combo of cheapness...

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