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UDC Breakthrough... I think

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Gah! Forget nodes within nodes or node trees... I've opted to use a nodes NAME as both a strait name as well as a hierarchy tree!

N1.name = "Node1"
N2.name = "Node2"
N3.name = "Node1/Node3"
So for this example N3 is a "sub node" of N1!

This is great because this allows me to save nodes in a "flat file" method, but be able to reference them in an tree like way. Also, the naming convention allows me to treat node names like a file system structure of directories and files, making the UDC format great for pack files... which was one half of my intent with the UDC in the first place!

The base class still needs some work. The saving mechanism is a little sloppy, and a lot of the node search methods haven't been implemented yet, but if all goes well, by the start of next week, I can begin designing the 3D model format and building the blender import/export scripts.

With any luck, by the end of next week, I may have some visuals to post with this progress... but let me not get ahead of myself.
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