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Sleeping Schedule

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What is this thing called "Sleep"?
I seem to not get anywhere near enough of it, oh well! What does it have to do with a Blog? Because 3D Developing is why my sleep took its bags and ran away.

I work Midnight Shift at a Bowling Alley, Oh the joys of being on a different time schedule from all your friends and family. Whats this? It gets better?.... Moved across the Country to be with a very lovely girl, Which also means every one of my friends are now in a different time Zone <.< They are now 3 Hours behind my time....

My mom Calls me at 6 AM all hyped up about this or that and I'm starring at my phone like "Come out of there you pixie and do my work for me so I can sleep for once"

I somehow manage to watch about 3 video's halfway before getting too tired to stay awake, Like now, Its 9:40 AM and last time I checked it was still 7:30 AM.. and I havnt even watched any new Tutorials tonight (you normal people would call there being daylight morning, to me its a sign that my night light is on)

Oops its 9:47 AM and Schthack's PSO Server's host is still down... :/
Might as well hop on STO and kill a few Klingon.

Also, I've decided this would be the only place for me to post Blogs.. of any Kind. Check back if you like it somewhat. I thought my own ranting would be funny to some.
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