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New gamedev!

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Hey, it's my first blog post on the new!

For the record, we were fully aware that gamedev was suffering from severe bitrot for years. While I'm sure you'll see more info from developers more closely associated with the project, the main difference is that we're now using a commercial third-party content management system rather than rolling everything ourselves. Gamedev's been around for a long time, existing well before the advent of high quality CMS, but after a lot of jostling back and forth, we finally decided that there were systems out there that would accommodate our needs and traffic requirements (which aren't insignificant).

And I'm also posting this to point out one fancy new feature that I've been asking for for years. We can now scrape blogs from other sites! Fact is, we have several users with popular blogs on their own servers or on third-party systems (blogger, wordpress, etc). But since you had to enter developer journal/diary/blog entries right on gamedev's servers, you couldn't list your blog on gamedev without manually duplicating your blog entries.

And, far as I know, the only person who's obsessive enough to do that was me :)

So if you have your blog out on another site (like, you can now keep your blog there and gamedev will mirror it.

Hopefully this will be a big step towards making gamedev better one-stop-shopping for developers documenting their process.5927544581291786949-9052864485742326704?

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