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A Shiny New Devblog!

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Well, this is exciting. I think I'll use this and pipe the RSS into my website or something. (more)

A little introduction: My name is Ben and I'm a Computer Science dropout. I work from home as a freelance translator and recently resumed my programming activities. I've been learning C++ for about 14 years now, and the only thing I've released so far is an unfinished clone of Tetris that runs in the Win32 console. Yes, I'm "that guy who sure likes to start a lot of projects but never actually accomplished anything of significance."

I'm currently developing a 2D GUI/Game framework in C++ that works on top of SDL. Fifth rewrite so far, but I think this is the one!

I entered Ludum Dare about 3 or 4 years ago. I'm creating this framework because I want to go back and make the game I had planned but never actually managed to code. It's called Super Penny Thrower, and the goal is to drop pennies from a skyscraper to kill people and make cars explode. In this case, the 48 in LD48 will be months, not hours.

I plan on eventually publishing the framework, specifically to enable rapid game development for 24/48h compos.

If you stumble upon this blog and it's been more than 2 weeks since the last update, please do me a favor and post a comment; I need to be nagged!
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