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The New Gamedev.Net!

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Wow, I was shocked when I hit the site today, quite a change I must say! Hopefully staff will get all the kinks out ASAP and polish the site until it burns our eyes from awesomeness. I'm working hard on my game, Armored Warfare...there is a big event coming up this month where it should be announced, so I'm crunching to get it ready. I will keep you updated.

*looks around for post entry button* Ah...

- Dan
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Dan!! Long time no see man, how you've been? Your projects still look amazing. How many years going on strong has it been now?

I'm still waiting for your gang game! I'm sure by now you heard what happened to APB, so if you haven't already, maybe you can pull some useful lessons learned from their post-mortum. I think I read in one of your posts you can't talk about some of the stuff going on with it, so I understand.

Anyways, glad to see you around making epicness still! The old site turned me into a lurker for the better part of the past couple of years, but now that the site has been finally revitalized, I feel energized to be active again here.

Take it easy

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Hey Drew, I'm good buddy...just doing the usual work on my projects :-D

Urban Empires is nearly completed though the publisher for that project is under bankruptcy so I'm sort of stuck w the publishing rights.

My other project Armored Warfare has a recently signed publisher - it will be announced later this month hopefully. This is my currrent focus. Once the announcement is made I hope you guys will like what you see :-)

I'll keep you updated! See you around the new gamedev :-]

- Dan

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