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Dieing Hard Drives and Project Organization... Oh MY!

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The story begins about a week ago while doing some research on designing an RPG system (as in pen and paper RPG), which I hope to use in the Archetype engine, I begin downloading a small (2MB) PDF file of someone's homebrew game manual. It gets about half way done when firefox promptly reports I have no more room on my hard drive.... Come again?!

Now, when I formatted my hard drive for the Linux OS that now sits within, I opted to create a separate partition for the /, /boot, and /home paths, figuring if I ever need to really really back up any data, it would only really need to be from the /home path and separating it as a partition would make that backup issue simple (not true, as I learned, but that's not the point of this post). In any case, I setup the /home partition with 180GB of space, out of a 250GB hard drive. PLENTY of space, considering I use a lot of external storage (a sort of quirk of mine. I love external hard drives and flash drives).

So, when I looked at the "used" space within the partition (courtesy of "df"), it did, indeed state I had over 95% of my 180GB used up! "BULLSH*T" I replied to the computer, knowing quite well that I tend to clean out my files often enough. Looking up the size of the files within my home directory, I get that I'm only using 36GB of space. Now... I'm the ONLY user on this machine, and, while I'm no expert in linux security, I'm pretty sure nobody else has snuck in a user account behind my back, but still, there's a HUGE difference between 36GB and 180GB, so...

Then I find the issue... using the chkfs (at least, that's the name I recall), I find my system has a handful of bad sectors, for which, I assume, one of them is sitting right on the table describing disk usage, and that's why it's reading 36GB as taking up nearly ALL of my 180GB. I haven't actually let the computer go in and redistribute around the bad sectors, though, which should give me most of my usable space back, but I'm in no big hurry.

Why? Several reasons, actually. I have all my critical files backup on external hard drives anyway, so, there'll be no data loss when then hard drive itself dies. Second, should be starting a full-time job soon soon after which, I hope to be building a new system anyway. Seeing as I plan on building a new system within the next several months, I didn't feel an overwhelming urge to use what little money I have available to buy a new hard drive... not yet. Besides, I do have a second desktop computer and one laptop computer I can move to when and if this hard drive does go before I build the new system. Both the alternative desktop and laptop are a decade and a half decade old, respectively, they're kept in up-to-date state enough to be able to enjoy myself for the interim

And what about Archetype...
The Archetype engine is the only thing I'm nervous about with the death of the hard drive. Not that I'll loose it, because I've already backed it up, but, it has driven me to really think out how I want to organize the project in terms of version control. I know, already, I want to use GIT. I've been a member of Gitorious for about a year now and have a couple personal repos up there already, but the issue to prepping for team work. Most of my projects have been personal. I want to eventually open Archetype to a team of developers, for a number of reasons. This desire has caused me pause and hours of research and thinking both through last evening and most of this morning.

The issue come in where, Archetype is the engine for a game... but not a game in and of itself. I want to build a Neverwinter Nights-ESK game using the Archetype engine, but I don't want the engine technically tied to the game. Perhaps this is me not yet fully realizing exactly where this "engine" of mine should sit in the grand scheme of things. Perhaps I'm over analyzing. In any case, I hope to come up with the project layout by the end of the day... or by tomorrow. Most likely today, though.

For anyone interested in taking a gander, keep an eye out on my gitorious profile for when Archetype goes up!
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