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Experimental Framework

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Here is a link to a ZIP of an experimental framework you can use, including the module tree declaration presented in the previous journal post, to play around with voxel field generation. Note that it is kind of hacked together; I'm an experimenter, not really a polisher, at this stage in my life.


Unzip the file. The main executable is a Lua command-line interpreter with some modules built into it. To generate a level as outlined in the previous post, execute the interpreter and type dofile("minecraftlevel_1.lua"). The output window will show some debut output as the module tree is parsed, there will be a pause, and the file voxelfield.inc will be over-written with a new version of the generated chunk. Open the file voxelfieldrender.pov with POVRay to render the generated chunk. You can tweak the set of values at the top of minecraftlevel_1.lua in order to tweak the way the level is generated. Use at your own risk, blah blah blah.

The module parsing system is still in a rough state, and I don't really have any documentation for the supported module types, but what types are supported you can try to decipher by looking at the file noisemoduletree.lua. Modules are declared as individual tables that are elements of an enclosing table (see the explanation in the previous journal post to see how one is built), declaring name and type of the module, as well as any relevant source inputs and parameters. This whole thing is a work in progress that I tinker with every few weeks, so maybe sometime in the future it will all be more robust and documented, but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you. And my life is just too busy at the moment to spend a whole lot of time on it now.
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