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Probably a non-technical blog

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I'm thinking that for now I'll use the new blog feature to point to my current project development notes here. Assuming that no one has checked it out before, the link takes you to my personal wiki that I've been updating my project notes to. Wherever the habit comes from, I like to take extensive notes while coding. These notes more or less take the form of me talking to myself (when I'm not randomly switching between perspectives) in an effort to allow myself to on occasion answer, "What the hell was I thinking when I wrote that crap?" It's been helpful at times and allows me to reminisce a bit and I figured I'd share. What you will not find are my thoughts regarding deep technical insight, effectiveness of algorythms, or any how-to tutorials (unless you consider the whole site as how-not-to tutorial). Although updates aren't always consistant, there's usually content covering several days when an update is made. Please enjoy and feel free to let me know what you think.

I've been wanting to create another post in the Your Announcements section but been kinda reluctant as it felt a bit spam-y to me. The same could be said for essentially annoucning dev blog updates in this dev blog however I'm thinking I might end up keeping a copy here or using this blog to replace the old one. Or maybe it'll turn out that I come up with a completly different purpose for this blog here. I figure, if nothing else, I just get started and see where things take me.

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