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A winnar is me :(

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There is no sad post icon, staff, could you add one for us?

Anyway, I'm sad because...I beat Tales of Symphonia. After nearly 60 hours of gameplay, I finally beat it, and now my life is completely empty.

Now, I have to buy Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, before my life withers away from lack of videogames. I don't have any money, and the bank isn't open on weekends. That means I have to wait until Monday. I'm pretty sure I can't last that long. My life is over :(

In other news, programming a level editor for my pirate game is really boring.
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You added music and crashed my FireFox!

*flips out and chops off Samith's head*

It's weird how it works the second time I view a journal with music, but never the first time. Ah well.

And the heads keep on rolling...

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