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Lunch break review - Sutek's Tomb

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Another quick review of a flash game I played on one of my lunch breaks. Past reviews can be found here.

[size="5"]Sutek's Tomb
By: Neopets.com
Played 2011-01-18 on Addictinggames.com
[size="2"][sup]K. Helfenstein - 2011-01-20[/sup]

This is a very streight forward match 3 sort of game. The playing field fills up with a bunch of different symbols and by selecting two adjacent symbols they will swap places with each other. Sets of three or more disapear and blocks fall from above to fill the empty space. This particular game has 3 difficulty settings that differ from each other by whether or not they're timed or the size of the field.

Will I play it again?
No. I'm not all that clear but I think this is a Neopets game that got linked into Addictinggames.com. I think they do this sort of thing for a few such websites for kids. I have to use my imagination as to what it's like to play this game as a kid who is taking part of the whole experience such a website offers. Maybe it'd be a better experience fully immersed as such and if I fit the target audience. But as a standalone game, I just couldn't really get into it. There were balancing issues for the two difficulty levels and I never did see any indication of the time bonus that I was promised for completing combos.
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