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First project ever to be finished.

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About a month ago I started a project which I gave as much hope of ever completing as I gave all my other projects, almost no chance to come close to finishing. Finishing as in useable for future projects. In the past 4 years I must have started over a hundred seperate projects, of which only one, a tiny copy tool, actually got completed. Now I have this strange feeling: A project is actually getting finished?! How?

What is this project of yours?
As said in my previous entry, I was engaged in making a OO win32 wrapper. Along the road I called it "Aluminum" as it was to be light-weight, simple and very robust. It doesn't have all the features of packages like QT and wxWidgets but Aluminum was never designed or never thought of to compete with these packages. QT and wxWidgets both are much more then just a simple UI library: They are multi-platform and have all sorts of sub-libraries like networking. Aluminum doesn't and will most likely never have these features. The only thing that MIGHT make it's way into Aluminum is multi-platform but that is not the goal for a long, long time.

What does it support? What can it do? Good questions,
At the moment Aluminum supports:
- The usage of multiple frames at once
- The creation of modal dialogs (no modeless as you can use frames for these)
- The most basic controls (push button, check-box, textctrl, multiline textctrl and static labels)
- Easy to use/setup (no dependencies, pre-compiled, and a clear and simple directory layout)
- Support for functor driven callbacks
- Very extendible (every control, frame, etc. is derived from a single class)
- Almost 100% OO (A few static functions lying around)
- Full documentation which includes multiple examples

You say finished, really finished? Also a good question.
No, not completely. There are a few wholes that need to be filled, a few bugs that need to be worked out but this only takes time, no effort.
Also, I need to finish documenting everything. I hate libraries that have no documentation, no examples and tutorials. Therefor I'm putting extra effort in it.

Alright, I want to use it!
Thanks, but you'll have to wait a week or two. I really want those whole filled and bugs solved before releasing anything.

Until next time!

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