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"Mini Game" Malarky

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Last weekend, Val's cousins and niece came over to spend the night, and so naturally we were playing GameCube, and while Donkey Konga was quite a hit, I only have one set of bongo controllers, so I decided to get another game.

I had intended to get Super Monkey Ball, which we had rented on similar occasions in the past, but it was not to be found, so I instead got Mario Party 5.

For those who don't know, Mario Party 5 is mostly a boardgame in a similar vein to Chutes and Ladders, with various bonuses and penalties associated with each space. The main goal is to acquire stars and coins(which are used to buy stars).

The basic gameplay consists of each player taking a turn moving on the board and dealing with whatever happens to be on the square they land on. After all players have a turn, there is then a mini-game. It is on these mini-games that I wish to comment.

Some mini-games were kind of cool. They typically take the form of some kind of race or some kind of fight between the players.

There was one similar in nature to sokoban, consisting of a race to see who can solve three relatively simple sokoban puzzles the fastest.

Some of the others were just plain stupid. A couple games were of the "who can press the A button more frequently"(for the record, I can hit the A button rather rapidly) and others that were essentially Russian Roulette or Rock, Scissors, Paper.

One other game of note was basically a two player 3D jetlag. It isn't the easiest to play because the other player would more often than not block your view of what is coming.
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You should try playing Mario Party while drunk. My friends and I get quite rowdy [smile]

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