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A word to soon

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'Finished', 'Completed' are big words. When is something Finished? When is something Completed? When all planned functionality is implemented? When all bugs are solved? When all stars are aligned?

The old life
Last Friday I said I finished my very first project only to discover two days later, when I was, full of enthusiasm, working on the next release, that I had a very, very big bug:

The disaster
Let's say we have window one.
Then we create window two and make it a child of window one.
Instead of working properly, the first window got all the messages of window two. So if I want close window two, I will close window one.

The rebirth
This 'disaster' caused me to stop implementing new functionality for a while and looked at what I already had and see how I could improve it. One of the thing I saw was that I had a lot of template classes that didn't need to be templates. So instead of having 12, I now have 8 template classes which really cleaned up a lot of my code.

And that's it. That's all that happened from last Friday to 5 minutes ago when I started writing this entry.

See you next time.
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Yeah, user interface and windowing systems are hard. Our lead programmer got stuck on the windowing system, and I have not been able to figure out how to help him.

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