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First Entry, yeah lets do it.

To start, its my goal to be a game developer, Its simple as that; and its partially fulfilled, as i have made (flash) games before, while they may have not been the next halo, they were full, completed games. But my eyes ultimately are looking higher, at more prominent platforms like Xbox 360, PS3, the Wii, etc... I want to be apart of the projects my son ( should i ever have children ) will play on his Next-Gen console,and force him to watch the credits so i can see my name biggrin.gif.
I've been making games for some while now, but not at the level i want to. I've been making flash games, which are good; but i only look at the experience made in flash as a stepping stone to a higher place. With limitations on what it can do, working with flash has helped me learn about myself as a developer, learn how i need to improve, and also it has given me a good first glance into game development. Flash game development has taught me alot, and now i want to go on. Onto bigger things.

I'm working on graphics for a XNA game. I haven't started the code yet, because thats gonna be the relatively easy part. Most of my past XNA mini projects have stopped because of a lack of graphics, thus why i want a solid graphical base down before i start this game. Of course i understand this is a solo project, but in the future i may have to work with teams, and thus may have to learn how to assemble a stable game only using placeholder graphics; but for now i'm gonna just focus on the graphics.

I want to work on 3D games, which is gonna require me learning some 3D Modelling ( I've already dabbed in it, and done the basic stuff like simple polygon modelling, but nothnig serious ). I'm not opposed to this. Some people like to ONLY code, or ONLY do one thing, but i feel the more i can do, the better, and the better my ability to work on a solo project. Of course the idea of working with a team sounds good atm, but i also dont want to always be constrained to just one idea, leaving my ideas aside in the dust. The more i can do, the better i can bring my own ideas to life, should i be the only person working at them.

Where i could go on, i'm gonna end this first entry, before i ramble my life away.
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