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Introductions are in Order

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I realized that after two content heavy posts, I hadn't actually made the obligatory "hi" post. Plus the install time for my current project is monumental, giving me time to kill. So here's who I am and a discussion on my motivations with this blog:

I'm Brian. Currently an engineer at Spark Plug Games, where I have developed Pac-Match Party and am Lead Engineer on the Puzzle Quest 2 iPhone/iPad project. Whether or not I'm actually qualified to be a lead anything is a question nobody seems to be asking, and I'm definitely not answering. At any rate, both of those have shipped, so go buy them.

Before Spark Plug I spent about 1.5 years at Emergent Game Technologies as a Tools & Framework Engineer on Gamebryo. I touched a bunch of different areas there, mostly art tools. Then bad things happened to the company, and I don't know any more than anyone else reading the GD.net Dailies.

Before *that* I was an intern at Electronic Arts Chicago... to which bad things also happened shortly after my internship ended. And before that I was a debugger/porter at CSP Mobile... which the internet tells me has gone bankrupt.

Bit of a trend there. I try not to think about it much.

All this has been punctuated with stints as a grad student doing various amounts of teaching and tutoring and university level software engineering. I also keep a healthy number of side projects going, developing for XBLIG and iOS and Android. GameDev tells me I've been a registered user since 2000. Yikes I'm old.

So that's me. And here's where I'm going with this blog:

Basically I want a place to babble about purely game development related technical/design ideas. I already keep a separate blog (The Animal Farm Creations) that showcases some work and has plenty of geeky technical posts, but it's more personal and not entirely targeting fellow developers. That's what I'm hoping to do here.

I make no warranties about the quality or interestingness of my posts. I also don't guarantee I won't make up words like interestingness. These are risks you take as a reader.
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[Googles Spark Plug Games...] Oh, hey. You're local! I'm continuously surprised by the number of game studios in the Triangle area. I seem to discover more every week.

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Neat! Yeah, Emergent is down here too (was? I think Gamebase is bringing them back in some form).

There are a lot of companies that've popped up around here - EA, Epic, Insomniac, Villain, Icarus, Oasus, Vicious Cycle, Red Storm, nVidia, Atomic, Merscom, Destineer. Unfortunately, this year has also been privy to a lot of the local companies falling on hard times too.

If you don't mind me asking, what part of NC? I'm in the RTP area (Cary more specifically). Do you happen to work in games?

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Ack, sorry for the late reply.

I'm in Clayton. And, no, I'm not in the industry--I'm more of a self educated hobbyist, with a fondness for math and graphics. And, user interface design/improvement. I've been kicking around the idea of returning to school for a bachelor's degree, but I need to talk to some NCSU folks to help me determine if I'd rather go for Math or Comp Sci.

My housemate is IBM's HR sys admin, and he plays volleyball with a guy who worked at EA until recently. So I guess I'm two degrees of separation from working in games ;)

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