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Lost in Limbo

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I'm working on a Flash game for a friend called limbo. Unfortunately development has gone much long than expected, and the game ( code-wise ) has changed drastically. Hopefully i can finish it soon, as it kinda makes me feel bad that i'm taking so long with it.

The game is a simple platformer where you have to collect all the time slots and such by jumping around. Unfortunately when i think about it, it is missing sort of a unique fun factor, but implementing one might take a while. The game IMO is better than when he originally asked me to help him work on it, so thats good, but i still cant help but feel i could of done better.

Also the game is being done in Flash, using AS2 ( i prefer AS3, but i started off of his original code in AS2 ). Which is good, but sometimes flash acts really stupid and inconsistent, which can be annoying.
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