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Procedural Island Demo

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Following on the last couple entries, I spent a couple hours putting together a simple demo application to demonstrate the procedural islands I described. Here is a ZIP:


Unzip and execute the file GenericRPG.exe. If all goes well, the window should open then hang for ten to fifteen seconds while a world is generated, then the map should display. You should see something like the following screenshots:



Press and hold the left mouse button to scroll the map around; the direction the map is scrolled is calculated based on the direction of the mouse cursor from the center of the screen. In the lower left corner is a minimap with a red dot representing the current center of view. In the lower right are two buttons: Generate and Quit. Quit exits the app, Generate will create a new world (after the 10 to 15 second pause, as before). You can also press Esc to exit the app.

The world is fairly sparse, since no doodads or decorations are present outside of those necessary to represent mountains and trees, but it should serve to demonstrate the idea pretty well, I should think. Let me know if you have any problems with the demo; I haven't tried it on any computer but my own, so it may be broken.

EDIT: As an aside, all of the graphics except for the trees are also procedurally generated using chains of noise modules and various functions. The mountains are exported as a heightmap+colormap for rendering in Blender, the ground tiles are built "in-place" using an offline tool.
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Works great for me. Very smooth. Takes about 3 seconds to generate an island on my dual core 2Ghz-ish.

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