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2011 new trends of COACH handbags

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Interpretation of blossoming out of a bag beautiful landscape. The diversity of costumes, but also highlights the different styles of bags. Whether it is the perfect smooth lines, mix and match a variety of fabric stitching, small briefcase, multi-style messenger bags wallets and the College; or exotic ethnic customs; hand bag ... ... the dinner party from the "2011 [color="#800080"]Coach Handbags[/color] new conference" , perhaps we can see the 2011 [color="#800080"]coach outlet[/color] bags popular overall trend. College of small briefcase and messenger bags and other retro style bag is the "2011 Coach Handbags new conference," a spectacle. Whether Japan and South Korea workplace sweet wind or the wind business, retro element of a strong return, will no doubt be popular once again become the core of luggage industry. Beautiful leather embroidery, embellished flower motif and the national style, making even more soft leather. Embroidery pattern, fringed ornaments ornaments, exotic folk customs will be interpretation of the head. Predict the exotic ethnic customs will follow the 2011 full year. Shell elements; gold metal locks; grip package; leather straps; rattan handbags, evening bags and other small volume in the "2011 Coach Handbags new conference" on the international market. Queen dinner dress, the package is not small is not pretty. Small hand-bag models, 2011 will become widespread. Models relative to the small hand bag, leisure bag large volume, still blowing in this conference an urban neutral fashion. Stylish and practical package section is the best way to capture hearts and minds to win magic, models dressed in casual dress neutral wind, more prominent fashion bags personality. The real luxury is not flashy brilliant appearance. Deletion is a new improved mix and match a variety of stitching fabric, with texture of leather, woven leather detail, luxury, high-quality fur fabric, animal pattern, snakeskin pattern effects, and exquisite detail for this " 2011 Coach Handbags new conference, "added a natural and elegant charm. The luxurious 2011, shares of classic style, fashion will continue to occupy a dominant position. Party bags and multi-Envelope envelope, is the voice of the show in high models, let us work together for such a neat hailed the return envelope bags, formal appearance in 2011 this portfolio will have a broad market prospects.

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