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How to choose COACH handbags

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Bags and character. Go casual sporty girls, it may choose with nylon, plastic or thick canvas and other more "hard" material of the bag. Girls lovely and gentle temperament, often with elegant lightweight dress fabric, so the texture should also be bags of cotton, linen or lace and other materials based.

Bags and popular. The most popular is not necessarily the best for you! Perhaps the latest round quarter strap pack fluorescent color so that you shines, the impulse to want to have it immediately; but perhaps the side of the earth color patent leather handbag is the most you love the "wild card" of choice .

Bags and color. In fact, both for the bag or jewelry or clothing into the mix, color plays an important role. The overall level of the same color but with distinct shades can create a generous and elegant style. [color="#800080"]COACH outlet[/color] bags and wearing the color contrast, such as the bag can also be printed in the floral dress or jacket pattern in the choice of any color, but without losing the overall feeling of lively elegance; black dress with a red [color="#800080"]coach handbags [/color]and shoes, is shines with personality.

Bags and height. Bags have the same height to form a perfect match. Wide and big bags handbags are popular today, but to look how is the best choice, and this also the will to be determined according to height does not seem cumbersome. For example, more than 165 centimeters tall girls, it should try to select the length of about 60 cm vertically put into the bag can be the equivalent of a magazine-sized bags; such as height of 158 centimeters, then try to select the total length of about 50 cm is roughly equivalent to the size of the magazine can be put into the bag sideways to look body proportion.

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