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Considering the Chomp

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I've been thinking for some time how I should handle the model animation in Pac-Hedron. Currently, each model is saved in a simple text file, which lists vertices and triangles. To add animation data of any sort would require a heavy rewrite or expansion of the file format, as well as the necessary adjustment to loading and rendering code. I have not been looking forward to this.

I have decided, instead, to implement a simple procedural time-based animation in the shader. The player model really only has three animations: a static animation when stationary, an eat animation when moving, and a die animation when dying. I should be able to do this in the shader if I pass in a flag and a delta-time variable. Similarly, I want the ghosts to have some animation--in the original, the bottom of the ghosts animated sine-wave--fashion, and the eyes pointed in the direction of travel. This should also be doable in the shader.

So, yay! I can forgo adding more complex animation methods until my next project.
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