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Hey guys, been a lot longer than I'd like with posting a journal entry and unfortunately I have nothing to show for it either! School term is coming to an end and that means crunch time especially in my Stats and Data Structures/Algorithms class.

So yes there has been nothing going on in my Egyptian game which is quite discouraging. I really like sitting down and coding for a decent chunk of time, and large amounts of spare time are hard to come by so nothing has been updated since my last post coding-wise. However, I have decided to make an artistic change to my game. Originally I had gone with an old school pixel art style of graphics which I really like. The downside to this is I have little to no artistic vision and pixel art is extremely hard for me to do. That one character plus its simple animations took much longer than I'd care to admit. A couple days ago I was watching an interview from the creator of The Oatmeal comics and he had mentioned using Adobe for his drawings. This reminded me of high school where we used some adobe programs for our Graphics class and so I decided to give it a try and see what I could come up with. I'm really liking at the moment how Illustrator feels to me and I think I'll be much more productive in it than I was in Paint.net(Nothing against it at all, just preference). I have not made any content for my game yet, mostly just been fiddling around with the program but I do like how things are feeling and I'm pretty excited about it.

Back to the books though, just felt like I should post something while on a study break! For some reasons I really miss linear algebra right now, no idea why.
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