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A little something

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So lately I have been slamming away at papers for school and preparing for my final research paper. On the side I have been dabbling with World of Warcraft Cataclysm, playing zombie farm on my iPhone and dabbling with Assassins Creed 2. During all this I spawned an idea for a game.

Originally I was learning objective-c for the purpose of creating a RSS reading app for MacOSX now my brain is on a detour per usual. As I sit here fleshing out some basic game design in the back of my head I am thinking should I write this in Ruby minimizing the learning I have to do or should I write this in Objective-C and have access to the App Store and potentially a release for the iPhone on its app store. The major issue with the Objective-C route is it involves lots of learning from persisting my growth in the Objective-C language down to learning OpenGL for rendering as well. If anyone has any input please comment below.

I will keep this post short my mind gears are a brewing.
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