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Beginning of a Rewrite

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I first started working on the Hexagon Engine since Fall of last year. Due to school and a lack of ideas to progress it, I was left to put development on hiatus as I work on smaller 2D projects. After looking through the code, I realized some grave mistakes that caused huge inefficiencies in memory allocation and even basic physics logic. Tonight, I am starting my rewrite and lay down more tangible objectives for progression of Hexagon2D. Currently, it's written in C++ with SDL as its graphical API, and I intend on integrating a scripting system, perhaps LUA, to run alongside. I was extremely reluctant to introduce OpenGL into this project, but as I continue to demand more hardware-accelerated details such as alpha-channel manipulation, SDL will prove nearly ineffective to handle them. Along the way, I hope to use more productive resources to my disposal rather than Microsoft Paint.

Here's a YouTube link of the foundation of Hexagon2D:
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