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New Video, with Sound!

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The game feels a lot tighter to me now that sound is in:


All sounds are from FreeSound.org.

In the beginning, you can see menu actions are synced to the beat of the music. Once in game, the drum track only plays while the player is actually eating pellets. This is how I envisioned it, but now that I see it in action, it's a little discontinuous sometimes when the drums kick back in. A more straightforward drum track, with each beat sounding the same, may improve that, but I think a better fix may be to lower the volume significantly when not eating pellets, instead of stopping playback altogether.

It's a lot more fun to run around the maze now.

I'm unsure what to work on next. Most likely the HUD. I also want to add a countdown that displays "3", "2", "1", "GO!" or something similar at game start or when resuming from the pause menu. Also, a win condition check for no pellets remaining would be nice; right now, after clearing the maze, nothing really happens.

Oh, yeah, I need to think about finding a sound artist to do actual game music/sfx at some point.
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Thank you. II've found your work with Squishy inspirational, and I believe I learned of FreeSound.org through one of your journal entries, so thank you for that ;)

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