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100% Apple Approved

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Yep, I'm now on iTunes and further reducing the Gamedev's journals' 'hit to miss ratio of useful-ity' at the same time. My place on iTunes isn't in any technical sections, heck no. I do have a hackintosh set up but after it took me 10 minutes to figure out where the off button was, the idea that I'm currently not in any position to be doing anything useful on that platform yet sprang to mind.

So what am I on about? A bit of background. First, the BBC were recently running a sitcom competition which I entered and didn't win. A production company then ran a competition for a stage based sitcom, which I entered and didn't win. Then I started sending stuff into BBC Radio 7's Newsjack, which I've also been unsuccessful with. They say 'if you can't beat them, join them' and as I've been unable to join them, I went the other way and have beaten them into submission** with my own one man news parodying sketch show which is what is on iTunes.

As with most shows, it ends with a song. The first of such being Gaddafi singing a song to give his side of the current situation.
Video link with lyrics

In other news, WindowWatcher (see previous post) is finished. I just have to bother to create a page on the website for it and then actually properly open it for public consumption.

Also, despite (or maybe because of) me not actually ever owning a NES, I've started watching episodes of Chrontendo. A chronological documentary (well, it's factual at any rate) of a guy going through the history of the machine giving 3-5 minute histories and other bits of info on every NES games released. There's also a sister series about the Master System, which is where I started watching from. This is probably the easiest way of finding episodes of each.


** It's totally not a coincedence that the series has finished its current run, leaving me nothing to write for
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