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This weeks progress

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This week we have been working hard on creating and AI. Turns out we over achieved it, as of now the AI is super aggressive and accurate. I guess we will have to tweak this for later. All the models in the game at the moment are placeholders, we will add correct models when they are finished. As I mentioned before here is a little more information about the game:
It's a tank arena game where the player battles off against opponents, based on how well the fight goes and how hard it is the player will earn money. The money will be used to upgrade your tank and buy new tanks. We have three types of tanks planned for at the moment, the hoover class(which are seen in the pictures), wheel based class and track based class. All these tanks will have different driving characteristics and handling. The idea is to let the player choose the way of playing that he/she likes. And then arm the tank with a customized weapon loadout. Well that's the idea right now. Here is a screenshot of the overly aggressive AI:
Feel free to leave comments and ideas.
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