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About Meteora and Where This Team Originates

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[size="3"]One day me and one of my best-friends decided to make a productions company and name it "Rogue Entertainment". http://rogue-entertainment.webs.com (if you are truly interested) Well long story short, my friend likes to believe that coding isn't that hard (although he has no coding ability at all) and that we can magically use some other game's engine to make our first game. I kept repeating myself that I don't know how engines work, I barely know what they do let alone how to work one. I know how to code my own BASIC engine, of how controls and stats work, but that's IT. Well eventually I figured that I will someday need to get a team of developers together and decided to create Meteora, my developing team. My forum name is Meteora, based on the sole fact that I am Meteora. I'm the only team member. Probably because I'm a newbie coder and nobody really likes to teach or help out or join a newbie coder. Well I sign up as Meteora representing my future dream, although most of the times I go by Foxx and my title in the company is Company President or Lead Developer Foxx. So that's where Meteora came from, a dream summoned in the depths of my imagination. Hopefully it will come true but who knows. I don't.
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