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Features Sneak Peak and Progress

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We have made some progress on our games features since I last posted. Our current project will be an MMORPG, featuring a player based economy, dynamic skill system, no classes, player owned houses and shops, dynamic guilds, and an advanced character system. Our game will focus on giving more freedom to the player, making our game a whole new expeirence.

We have also made progress on our storyline. Although we can't release any information about the plot (it's not fully done anyway,) we can tell you a few things. Our game is not going to focus on the storyline, it's going to mainly focus on questing. Our game will still have a plot and all that, but instead, we decided that we're going to have a variety of quests, that's why we still need storywriters. Well, that basically sums it up for today.

Inclemency Studios
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