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From now on, it's all about me!

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So a couple of days ago I realized - now that we have a Staff Journal with which to spout Official Business and such, this journal can really return to just being my personal journal 24/7. Pretty cool, but what to post about? Well, I suppose I might as well start jabbering about the project I have in my head that's been incubating for almost 10 years since I originally thought it up and drew up the first design concept. For many reasons I have not taken the time to do a proper prototype of it to find out if it's actually as fun as I think it will be, first and foremost is that I've always wanted something to "fall back on" when I ran out of other things to do. That really hasn't happened yet - I always have something to do! - but it's getting to the point where it's just been so long I feel it has to be done now sooner rather than later since later has already come and gone! The one thing that gives me hope for this game project is that, 10 years later, I looked over the design treatment and felt this was still something I would be interested in making. That has to count for something right?

So here is where I post the cryptic prepubescent development image and then leave you all hanging in suspense for the next few months whilst I get my shit together to show off something actually substantial and meaningful.


Speaking of the Staff Journal though, I have a post coming up on Thursday discussing the work I'm finally starting to get done regarding article formatting for articles that were brought over from the old site.

And of course, as always, non-game dev-related posts on my personal personal (but not personal personal) life can be found at my blog

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This is why I still love having a pen and paper. If I had made notes on a game idea digitally 10 years ago there's no chance I would still have the files hanging around today. It's too easy to accidentally blow old stuff away when rebuilding a machine. If I was completely organized with a great backup system digital would be fine but who is?

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Actually this was drawn GDC weekend :P

But I'm okay either way. I'm a pack rat by nature and hardly ever throw anything out. So yea I still have paper designs from 10+ years ago, but I also have digital designs from 10 years ago too. I back-up daily on-site and remotely. My files have been on 5 different computers so far over the past 15 years and I've maybe lost only about 5% of it all.

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