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Pigs Can Fly

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dx elliot


I finished my cursor game a while ago, and just released it on the Internet with an exclusive sponsor. Click here to play. I decided to give it a cute theme where you have to get the pig to the potion, so he can grow wings and fly away in 25 levels. It was released Friday night, and in as little as 48 hours a million pigs have been saved, contributed by 100 thousand players with an average play time of 14 minutes (thanks playtomic.com for the swf stats). It is now hosted by an estimated 15 websites and the number will probably double in the coming months. It won the daily third place on Newgrounds.


So yeah! I would say the game is a success, but not quite a hit. The most critical remarks is that the music is a bit crappy, too short, and not nearly challenging enough making it more of a toy than a game. I do have plans to make a proper sequel later this year which will include a level editor, online level database, scoreboards, more game mechanics, and an iOS version. In the meantime, I'm going to be concentrating on my next 1-2 games first, before I whip out the wild card.

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Given the success you've found, are you monetizing that in any way? I'm curious to know just how successful a flash title has to be before it brings in more than pizza money.

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I had an exclusive sponsor who paid up front, and it did make me a lot of money. More importantly, it is now intellectual property that I can monetize further through iOS non-sponsored sequels.

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