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Second Day Posting something here

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Yaaa, posted a bit more, not much has really changed from my last entry.

Ironically enough this was probably posted even later in the evening for me then the last entry. it is 11:21 AM now and I'm about to fall asleep, just wanted to say thanks (for nothing AT ALL, seriously?!) gamedev community <3

Heres something I know no one would bother ever doing yet I'll say it anyways: Teach me how to make something, make me your internet intern and I'll get your E-Coffee as fast as I can.
I'm a adept, does that make sence? anything that has to do with games, anything that has to do with 3D Modeling or even programming, I'll be able to learn very easily. but the motivation from another person is whats lacking since I have no school history in game dev so I'll be overlooked easily.

Anyways! time for sleep, night.

-- Currently Using Blender and Unity to create chaos --
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Learn using critical thinking.

Now you know everything!

Where is my damned coffee!!!??

ps, Being an [url="http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/adept"]adept[/url] and asking to be and intern is an amazing contradiction. Well done. :)

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