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Nicotine, Caffeine, Platformer and Collision Detection

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Well yeah, I've come to the realization that I cannot code without nicotine. And I must code if I plan making some money out of my programming job. I'm also trying to save some cash thus I'm not going out neither. What's left? Well...

I managed to make two animations with Blender3D for my rag-doll, one for running and another one is intended for jumping but it ended up looking more like "freaking out while falling". I exported them to my format and got them ready to be loaded in a test application.

On the other hand I've been adapting the swept-ellipsoid collision detection to be used in my engine. It was mostly a copy paste from that example that has been online for years. It does the job.

What else.. Oh yes, I blew the dust off my joypad and connected it to try it out with SDL. It worked like a bliss too.

Then I made a sort of level with Blender (just one mesh) to stress test the collision detection. I attached the rag-doll to the ellipsoid, coded some basic input for a platform game and here the result.


As always, the capture frame-rate I'm getting with CamStudio sucks. Mostly because this computer is old and I had quite a few programs running in the background.

Among the quatrillon pending issues the ones that follow are:

  • Space-partitioning, which would involve gluing some code I wrote SEVERAL years ago.
  • Detecting when the rag-doll isn't standing on the floor to avoid having it jumping near walls in mid-air.
  • Time-based movement and physics.
  • Making the player input management independent from the device the input is coming.
    Let's see what happens. See you next time!
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