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Results of the Sick Boy Method

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So, my crunch has come to an end. I totaled 14 hours of working time, which was 10 hours shorter then my initial goal, but with being out of commission yesterday due to my back injury, I think I managed to get a good bit of work in.

I optimized a lot of code that I had previously over looked and made adjustments to my base classes making the much more efficient. I managed to get render to texture working and encapsulated into my texture class, so now every drawable object can have a render-able texture. My crowning achievement of the endeavor being the grid for my editor. Before this weekend we had this:


Frame rate was pretty bad. Especially when you consider there's nothing going on really. Now this screenie came from a release build too, so that's bad.Granted there was a lot of drawing going on, but still.

Ok, now we have :


I'm having to change some of the drawing functions, but, rendering it to texture speeds up frame rates more then half. A lot of the current editor is coded poorly and is mainly because I had no idea what I was doing when I initially wrote it three years ago. Man time goes by fast.

There isn't really much more to show then this, but I am satisfied with the results of what I did manage to get done. At any rate, it's getting late and I start the new job tomorrow, so enough jibber jabber for now, more later.

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