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Another Decade UPon Us

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So, the new year has already started, even if you weren't ready for it, it is here. With it, is a renewed hope and ambition from within to finish what I have started. This includes having relevant blog posts to share with you inter-webs on a regular basis. As I am still moving to be in a consistent game development mind set this year, I am going to be concentrating on finishing up previous projects and moving onto new a better things by years end.

Here are my goals for 2011:

1. Complete C.F.L. as it was originally meant to be completed, with graphics and sounds and other media.
2. Get the engine into a state that is capable of creating various game projects.
3. Complete my sidescroller.

I am going to be doing all the resources for these two projects this year initially. They may get changed later depending upon interest of other artists, and how well I actually do creating the resources. Conquest For Love shouldn't be too terrible in getting things moving a long as a lot of the content for the text version can easily be migrated over. The time consuming part is going to be getting the engine tools working in the right manner to allow for more expeditious development times.

I had set a goal to have my tools done by this time, but I ended up spending a lot of the down time I had looking for work and then I ended up being out of work for a month, so realistically, the six week time line I had given myself, which was if I worked on the tools full time for six weeks, is pushed back out to a completion of march again.

I've also decided that instead of concentrating fully on my tools, in order to help keep me focused, I'm going to be working on game stuff a long the way as well. This will hopefully allow some motivation to seep through as well as have some content to blog about.

This year, my number one game dev goal is to get at least, one game completed and released. I've been at this for almost eight years, it's high time I finish a game icon_razz.gif .

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