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Arise From Your Grave

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I've had a laxed period the last week or so, mainly due to some sickness that I experienced. But at any rate, I haven't had a lot of focus for a little over a week. Down time can be good, but it wasn't exactly planned. Considering that I am in the midst of finishing up some vital areas of the game engine, it can be debilitating being away from the project, in that it even though design work is done, putting things into practice doesn't always go smoothly and as you code, redesigning things is a necessity. If you're in the middle of implementation of a system and small redesigns on other parts, it can be very confusing to get away from it. It can also feel overwhelming when you do get back to it.
In the past, I've set specific goals for adding content to my website. It was meant to keep me motivated, to keep things moving forward, and eventually, I was hopping someday that it was going to generate add revenue at some point. When I was initially setting up my server back in 2008, I did pretty well at following a content generation plan for like the first two months. I was doing book reviews and writing code snippets and things. None of the content ended up on the site and most of it sits back in the server archives and probably will never see the light of day.
On the revenue generation front, that was a failed venture. On the pacing and keeping my interest levels peeked, it did it's job at that time.
In that sense, I am going to set a goal to post content to the site, a minimum of once a week. It needs to be relative content to game development of some kind, ideally what I am up to.
Ideally, posts with good content, and possibly something that can be broken up into a series throughout the week. In the past, my gamedev.net journal, and my si.r.o.a.d journal over on blogger were great sources to help keep my thoughts structured and gave me a pulpit to interact with other game developers and such. What I found with those accounts however, was that it really didn't help me with exposure as much as I would have liked. Posting to multiple locations could be helpful by allowing multiple audiences access to the content, and this seems like a good idea. However, now a days, with social media being the norm, you can reach more generic audiences with a simple link and have your content all in one place. This actually allows for easier data management and also gives me control over seeing who is viewing my content and possibly opens up a forum to a potential audience. I will be leaving all previous accounts I setup over the course of the first 10 years of the century, but I will not be updating those accounts any longer.
My soul effort with communicating to the nets will be done directly through my website. I'm hoping that this will allow for less time spent sharing the same ideas and more time spent on game development and the potential discussions spurred by those ideas.

In that vain, I'm going to need to polish the site up a little more. I need to get graphics to replace the navigation links at the top of the site and possibly divide my posts up into more categories. Originally the website was going to be geared towards a community based around the games I developed as well as Troglodyte. This plan has changed at this point and I'm looking more to simply have an interface for me with the rest of the world. This makes more sense as I was spending a lot of time previously developing resources for a community that didn't even exist.
If a community evolves and request for member features are made, it makes more sense to develop them once their is a demand for them.

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