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Bump to Say RSS in Effect

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I just wanted to bump my journal to say I added the rss feed from my website and there's some entries in here now from the last few months. Also, the rss is very nice, and it actually works the way it's supposed to. Something that other sites haven't seemed to get right.Cheers!
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[font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif][size=2]Hmmm, not sure I can find the right setting for this. On the journal settings page, the closest thing I could find was 'Journal Sharing'. I ticked the 'Allow Others' box, and put 'OcularSoftware' into the feedburner box, but that just seems to change the RSS link, not import entries from that feed.[/size][/font][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif][size=2]Where exactly is the import setting?[/size][/font]

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You have to go to My Settings/Developer Journals

There you will see a break down of the journal(s) you manage.
Click on the options button. In the drop down, select Manage RSS Import.

Then simply drop in the url for the RSS Feed in the Feed URL section.

Example for my site it's : http://www.decipherone.com/index.php/feed/

Then simply click save settings and you are good to go.

As I stated on the comment in your journal, I have noticed that in order to get it to load new postings, you have to go back into that section and click the save
settings button to get it to update the feed. Of course, I'm impatient so it may be set to do it once a week or something, but I don't see any options for that, so it must be either hard set or managed by the admins. And simply going in and clicking save settings makes sure it gets updated right away.

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Hmmm. I don't have 'Manage RSS Import' in that drop down. I have View Journal, Post New Entry, Manage Settings, Manage Categories, Manage Comments, and Delete Journal...

Maybe it's a GDNet+ feature?
Ahh yes, it says [url="http://www.gamedev.net/subscribe"]here[/url], under GDNet+ Benefits "[color=#3E4934][size=2]Import blog entries from your existing blog [i]via RSS".[/i][/size][/color]
So there you go. I don't feel so silly for not being able to find it now! :P

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