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Hello, everyone/anyone.

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Tristan Hodges here -- game developer/score composer/graphic artist of Venfer's Riddle, an RPG idea that I had that kind of blew up and become real within a few days. First I want to talk about Part 1 of the game, which is finished and done with. Part 2 is what I'm developing now, and what this journal will document.
This is Venfer's Riddle part 1, the puzzle/riddle part of the game.
Venfer's Riddle part 1 is purely a puzzle game with a story. You are basically a human that has been stolen away and released in the depths of a dungeon that resides within a demon's mind. You start out with little more than the voice of your only helper, your Guardian, and the screen. You solve riddles and eventually start to regain the use of your senses. It becomes apparent throughout the riddles and progression of the story that the only way back to the real world is to kill the demon Lucrux inside his mind. Again, the game starts as a soundless point/click puzzle/riddle game, develops sound and visuals as you regain your senses and progress through the story, and then starts to become more about minigames than point/click riddles.
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Part 2, the RPG/puzzle part of the game.
Part 2 (the game I am documenting in this journal) begins after your character 'wakes up' his senses, and can now see himself, hear himself, and meet his guardian, Gotheq, for the first time. Part 2 of Venfer's Riddle is all about killing Lucrux within his own mind (yes, the game takes place within the mind of a demon--deal with it). Once you do so, you wake up, and, well, I'll let you get to that point and find out what happens.
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