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Weekend Reading: Tales from Journal Land

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Welcome back after another week! Here is your round-up of stories from 4/15 - 4/22

As a side note, I asked Mike about the lack of full screen capability in YouTube embeds and he directed me to the media BBCode editor. After a bit of fiddling around I got the tag code updated so that videos are now larger and can be played in full screen. Yay!

Featured GDNet+ logo+%20bullet.png Entry of the Week

Abwood's Coding Notes - abwood.gdnet is kicking off a series of entries with the aim of showing you how to add some Python scripting to your c++ project. In this Part 1, he lays out the foundation you'll need for calling the Python scripts from within your C++ code

Featured Member Journal of the Week

New Old Things - Endurion continues to detail the construction of his Commodore64 game. If you've ever been curious about C64 programming then you should follow along! He's releasing source and everything as well.

This week we welcome our newest Journal Land citizens, nooblet logo+%20bullet.png and TristanHodges!

Welcome back, RanBlade logo+%20bullet.png!

From the Staff

  • New Syntax Highlighting in Forums and Journals - Mike shows you how to use the new source tags that will color syntax for over a dozen different languages!
  • Almost 7 days of social news and plenty of "News" updates! - Check out what's new after almost a week running the revamped news system on the front page, including how we're tweaking it to be more useful based on feedback so far and new additions like the ability of the system to group together related stories.
    Project Updates

    • owl's Blog - owl's got a new video up showing off the progress he's made implementing his swept-ellipsoid collision detection hooked up to his ragdoll that can now run, jump and otherwise move about a little platform world he constructed for testing
    • Hexagon2D - KHearts has a narrated video detailing the latest improvements to his Hexagon Engine, and has also rediscovered that good old pencil and paper can still be an excellent design tool. Never forget!!
    • MysteryMeat's Journal - MysteryMeat has the next 11 days off from work. Normal people might book a trip to some tropical paradise with that much free time but game developers? Hells no! He's going to get a working prototype going of a game he's been incubating for some time. Hells yea! Oh and good luck :)
      Game Dev Stuffs

      • owl's Blog - owl's found a YouTube playlist that shows off various interesting and obscure indie games that never quite made it into the spotlight. If you're an aspiring designer and have the free time, might be worth investigating some of them to learn why.
      • kseh's blog - kseh has another round up of Flash games his played and mini-reviewed, this time from Agame.com
      • AmzBee's Journal - AmzBee has a short tutorial on getting FMOD Ex to work under Linux with C# Mono. Personal note: FMOD rocks.
        Other Stuffs

        • The Realm of Trial logo+%20bullet.png - DecipherOne took advantage of his GDNet+ RSS import functionality to get some older entries into his journal hassle-free. Glad it worked out well for ya!
        • From Nothing to Everything - One Man Project has created a new portfolio site for himself
        • The Art of War logo+%20bullet.png - Saruman has discovered the absurdly simple "why the hell didn't I think of that" solution to getting GDNet commenting and forum posting working on the iPad. Duh!!
          Thanks for stopping by, BlueGlutton.
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Great job taking the time of summarizing the entries. This is very smart and useful. Keep it up!

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