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11 Days - [Day 2] - Entry 1

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It's nearly 3 PM here and I'm only just sitting down to work.
There are however benefits to this approach,

- I have got all of my daily non-work chores done
- got all of my small workstation niggles fixed

So in theory i should be able to work with my 2.5 hour sections right through to 12 am (overrunning a bit)
Personally i think this is optimistic but we'll see how it goes

As i said previously, I'm using 2.5 hour sections and I'll be taking 15 minute breaks in between.
Rather than have a set time table I'm going to have set tasks that i think can be done in one of these sessions and then i can pick whichever one suits my fancy at the time.
Today's tasks are

- Complete map/tile structure(including load from and save to XML)
- Integrate unity gameobjects into map system and have first map rendering in game loop
- Sort camera system for viewing maps.

Today's sessions

- 4 * 2.5 hour sessions separated by 15 min breaks

As you can see there are only 3 tasks here and i plan on having 4 sessions today. The extra session is for contingency as I've never once finished anything within my original estimations and i doubt i will start today.
Hopefully tomorrow morning i will be able to post some hideous programmer art screenshots of my first map.
Tomorrow morning I'll go over the plan for the rest of the 9 days as a whole and how everything should fit in.

Anyone have any suggestions or comments feel free to post and I'll do my best to answer
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