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11 Days - [Day 2] - End

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Today was a disaster from a project point of view, only got 4 hours of work done.
I did finish the serialization and structure of the tile/map system but that was about it, I'm going to try and claw back some progress today.
i learnt that no matter how hard i try i cannot concentrate while my partner is interrupting me every ten minutes, all trying does is frustrate me and make it harder to concentrate.

So, I've decided I'm going to fit my project work in around the times when she is not here or asleep.
Sounds drastic when i read it back but i cannot stress enough how much energy it saps trying to work with someone hovering.

This is mostly due to the fact my computer is in the front room(it's a massive open plan area).
one thing is for certain, if i ever do this professionally i need an office or at the very least a separate room with a lock.

Progress wise I'm almost through the map/rendering system and the camera system is still to be done.
No screenies unfortunately but as soon as i have I'll post it.

I need to figure out why today was such a write off even though i had at least 1.5 times the workable time than i did yesterday.

Stressful day today and i can't even pinpoint why.
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I have been reading your entries, and was in doubt if I should respond...Please don't take offense if I sound preachy, but when I read your entries there is so much unneeded conflict.

First, how hard is it to tell your partner that this is important to you and that you wish not to be disturbed? Surely if your partner would understand that this is important to you, you would not be bothered every 10 minutes, or dragged to a pet shop, or go shopping for 5 hours. How hard is it to move a computer to another part of the house? It is not your partners fault, and using it as an excuse will not make this a success, it will just make it a failure with excuses.

Second, why are you so rigid about what time you spend when? I don't get how you can already look burned out on a project from the start. I don't see enjoyment, I see all these tasklists and hourly schedules. And you wonder why it is stressful? I think you truly need a vacation instead of working on this game.

Honestly, I think your heart is not in it. When I get up in the morning I want to get to work on my game as soon as possible, it is something I truly enjoy, for you it sounds like a chore. So why not start when you have had some real rest, and are truly looking forward to working on this game? You are not obligated in any way to work on it and it looks like you deserve a real vacation.

If you do decide to work on it, lighten up! You will not get things done any faster by making schedules, no one needs you to make schedules. Just sit down, work, when you get tired, take a break, when you feel energized, start working again. Listen to your body instead of to some awkward schedule, the only reason work schedules exist is because you normally get paid by the hour. If this all fails, then maybe you are not suited for working alone, and you might want to look for a partner or team.

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Reading back on my entries it does seem like i'm blaming my partner which is not how i intended it to sound.

i truly enjoy programming as a whole - games, applications pretty much anything with problems to be solved. I am reasonably successful with my current approach which is essentially what you described, work till you're tired, sleep, then work some more.

i appreciate that having other people in your life means you don't always get to do what you want and while it sounds like i'm complaining about the interruption to my work schedule its more of a complaint that it was a shopping trip.....i hate shopping, But i do love my partner and never grudge any time spent with her.

perhaps i didn't explain it well enough but i'm not making all these schedules to fill in for a lack of motivation, i'm just trying out different methods of working to see if i can learn anything new. Chances are i will go back to my old way of "work when i can/feel like it" routine but i wanted to give structure a fair shot(it's not doing so well in case you wondered)

i am a little more stressed with the structured approach but i want to give it enough time to prove that the stress is not due to the change itself as opposed the new structure.

i'll admit a certain amount of frustration at not being where i would like but its not aimed anywhere specific, more an illogical frustration that dissipates when i come to do some more code.

This is more of a written progression of me trying new things and i expected a certain amount of frustration but i did not foresee that fact that people reading would not have any context of the relaxed me that is normally coding.

i'll continue experimenting with different things and see what parts i like.

I appreciate the comments as i now know i am not articulating what i expected and can correct that in future posts
(honestly i'm surprised anyone is reading at all)

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You seem to have a least a few followers and that's a good reason to continue to post your interesting comments :)

I've only just come back from a trip away but I must say I have been looking forward to coming back and reading the rest of your entries. For me, I find it interesting to see how someone else is going with something I've also tried to do (and will probably try again).

I agree with DogmaDZ about not sticking to a rigid schedule. Game development is supposed to be enjoyable and the schedule seems to be causing more headaches than anything else.

However, I do think your heart is in it. You're just learning a lot about working from home that most people do when they try. That can be frustrating.

My suggestion is to focus on the tasks rather than the time. Aim to complete one task at a time and don't panic if it takes longer than expected (because it probably will). The important thing is that your making progress.

You know your partner better than anyone, and if you have to work when she is asleep or away that's fine, but spend time with her when she's around. If there's one thing I've found that kills the project faster than lack of time it's a stressful relationship.

I can assure you. I've been in your shoes and it can work well if you are organised.

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