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11 Days - [Day 3] - Entry 1

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Didn't really get a chance to properly test out the 2.5 hour sessions yesterday so I'm sticking to that system for the moment see how it pans out on a regular day.

a heady list of things to get done today want to pick up as much of yesterday's slack as possible.

- Finish map strict/load/save
- finish integrating unity game object(for rendering)
- start(and finish) camera system for viewing maps
- ??????
- Profit
- set up system control system
- set up system for moving cursor around map and selecting tiles(a la FF Tactics)
- create programmer art models and import them into game
- have simple character system to house programmer art.

As you can see there's a lot here and going by my previous two days that's intense optimism, but I'm going to smash through the work today and get things done.

As promised here is a high level layout of the sections of my project (with corresponding days of estimated completion.

- Map System - 2 days
-[color="#0000FF"] Structures and classes - 1/2 day
- Loading/Saving 1/2 Day
- Samples and Test Maps = 1/2 day
- Tile modeling and integration to unity 1/2 day[/color]

- Rendering/Camera - 1 day
[color="#0000FF"]- Camera 1/2 day
- Rendering Pipeline(such as it is in a fully formed engine) 1/2 day[/color]

- Character/NPC - 2 days
[color="#0000FF"]- Character Classes - 1/2 Day[/color]

- Menu - 1 day

- Skill/Attack - 2 days

That's a total of 8 days with 3 for slack and polish and it is entirely possible that all of this will change in content and estimation.

There were a few things that came up in a comment on a previous post and i would like to add some context to this series of posts in the hope that i can clear a few issues with my articulation.

Normally i work freeform, that is i pretty much develop when i feel like it, sleep when I'm tired and then develop some more.
As i enjoy programming a great deal i find that i get lots done this way, this is contrary to the structured time periods i am trying in these 11 days.
I am trying a few new types of working to see if there is anything i like about them and/or can incorporate into my current working methodology.

As it's an entirely new way of working for me (in my personal projects at least) there is a certain elevation in frustration for me.
None of this is directed at my partner who is in no way responsible for my frustrations as part of my project.
i only mentioned her to add context to the fact that things get in the way of development on a daily basis, it's not that i bear any grudge it was just to illustrate that there is more to life that programming and some that in my pursuit of structured nirvana i found that life is the main obstacle.

So far structured sessions are not really a good fit for my working style(or indeed the rest of my life) but I'm going to stick with them for a while more see if anything improves.

That being said, as a hobbyist my freeform method of working is suitable and indeed efficient, however in a setting where this was my main job i'm not entirely convinced that freeform would work within the boundaries of external and internal deadlines.

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Trying to pick up slack never seems to work for me. Although, I do tend to work better under pressure so I might try and cram more work into a session than usual and see how it goes.

The way I usually work is to implement one feature as quickly as possible then come back and clean it up later. I'm always trying to evolve though.

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