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Final Day of "Ice Penguins"?

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I've finished drawing and animating all the assets from my current project "Ice Penguins." It is a Flash game that is being written in ActionScript 2.0 which is a very close cousin to the C++ language. I'm starting to write the prototype code tonight and will hopefully not run into many bugs since I am using code that has been tested before. It's just only a matter of keeping track of it all and hoping it executes properly.

Once I'm done with that, I will begin my focus on "City Monster 2" which will need one more asset (a tank), and just some simple re-writting of code. That should take no more than eight hours. Finally, I can begin "Tank Commander", which will only need the same tank used in the latter game, and some writting of code. The only difficult part would be writting the artificial intelligence, which I plan on using a class file for. That's already three games knocked out before tomorrow. And then, I can work on "Haven Defender" and "Parachute Mania" in one day which utilize different sprites and assets, but relatively the same code. I believe this will be a cinch. That's already five games ready to post on my website and then I have less weight on my shoulders and can focus on other projects that will be a little more difficult. I will even post my version of a Dark Basic Pro game called "Carbonade 2.0" and that should knock the socks right out of everyone. It will give them something to play at least.

That's my schedule plan for today, and possibly tomorrow. I will have to focus on two main things: my recent client's website (which is almost finished), and my Dark Basic Pro game being entered in the Future Game Designers Challenge (2011) in California. Then, just three more Flash games including "Guard Hero (beta)." My game for the FGDC 2011 will being utilizing Direct X (C++) meshes and models, so if anyone has any questions as to how to write those, I can probably give some decent answers.

It's about time to get to work now. Will let you all know when I have them up on my website.
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